Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Have a website but it doesn’t seem to be working for you?

Make your website perform better!

Search Engine Optimisation is an industry term for making your website not only visible to search engines (such as Google and Bing) but appear relevant and important in the algorithms that the search engines use to determine how high up, and on which page of results, your website will appear.

For an owner of a website, it makes sense to be as targeted as possible. If you sell pets, you want to attract internet users who are looking to buy a pet, and if you are in Swansea, you want to find customers in South Wales, not Iceland.

If you have a more general product it is important to consider what search terms, the words entered into Google or Bing, a prospective customer might use. If your potential buyers are all searching for “birthday cards in Welsh” you need to be focused on this term, and not on “welsh greetings cards”, as a simple example. It is vital to target the words upon your pages to what people search for, and as the search engines decide on the relevance of your site to what customers look for dependant upon how they search, there is no use positioning yourself for terms that nobody uses.

Grey Wolf Web Design and Admin Services will do the following:-

1) Identify key words and phrases for your business area

2) Check your webpages density for these keywords and phrases as it currently stands

3) Make sure the key words and phrases are iin the META tags, the hidden code that search engines often use for producing detail about your site

4) Look at your headers, sub-headers, page names and page titles, to check that these are reflecting the key words and phrases

5) Check your formatting and code to make sure that search engines can see your key words, and see it where you think it is on a page

6) Make sure that you do not have headers and titles that are only images upon the page

7) Check that all photographs and pictures used have the hover-up text that comes when you place the cursor over them

8) Check that there is nothing missing from your website that your competitors have

9) Create a clear layout that gives each major key phease its due weight

10) Look at links into your website, whether these links include keywords or descriptive texts, and how you can improve your link profile.

11) Remove formatting code, such as CSS and JavaScript, from off a webpage and onto a linked file so as to declutter and help a search engine locate what is really important about your website

12) & More!

In addition, Grey Wolf Web Design can do a Competitor Analysis from just £40