VHS to DVD Conversion

VHS to DVD Conversion

As technology develops, the format which a normal person records and stores their most treasured memories changes with each generation. My grandfather was an avid cine camera user, taking wonderful footage that nobody can even view today. My dad when I was growing up was always around with a VHS video camera, a format that seemed like it would be eternal at the time, but which is now just as deprecated as cine film is.

Each time technology changes, film footage can be converted from an older format to a newer one. For my Gran’s 70th birthday, my Dad had the old cine film footage converted into VHS so she could view it once again.

Today, it is just as vital to turn your old VHS video tapes into modern digital media, output usually as a recorded DVD.

Digital from Video

Video to Digital

Grey Wolf Web Design and Admin Services has the technology to do this and is offering a TRIAL OFFER to customers.

Please NOTE that Grey Wolf Web Design does not accept any liability for damge to videos, whilst at the same time committed to taking the greatest care. VHS tapes will be played first, fast-forwarded to check that all sections of the tape are viable, and that the cassette tape has not degraded. However, a successful check does not imply liability if an old VHS tape later fails during actual conversion.

You are advised to check the tape yourself, play it through and fast forward to different sections if you have the technology. If not, please feel free to observe Grey Wolf whilst this check is carried out.

If your VHS tape is especially valuable, or if you require the converter to carry liability please have a look at the service provided by Bob Grainger Photography.