PC Fix

PC Fix and Speed Up

A lot of computer problems are caused by a few specific problems:-

1) Accidentally installing malware which often comes bundled with legitimate programs.

2) Having too many programs running in the background

3) Having conflicting programs installed that interact or conflict with each other.

Fixing these problems will speed up your computer.

Malware can run when you don’t want or expect it, it can take up a lot of memory, it can have unexpected effects upon your computer use, and it leads to a loss of control for you, the user.

Many times when you install a new program it is easy to overlook the “run at start up” tick box, but this can lead to a plethora of programs loading up and running in the background without needing to. For example, a TomTom device for a car does not need the program synchronising it to the computer to run at start up – if the TomTom is not attached, having the program run is just a waste of memory or resources. If the TomTom is attached, the synchronising program will auto start anyway.

Many programs are set like this – if they are needed, they auto start, but the set up installation often includes a default option to start when the computer starts, even though this is superfluous and memory hungry. Grey Wolf Web Design and Admin Services can help with this and turn off all those programs set to run in the background when they don’t need to.

Many times, especially with security programs, a computer user can install more than one that is set to start automatically and which seeks to defend or protect the computer. If you have more than one of these running at a time, they fight each other, seeing each other as a threat to your computer. It doesn’t matter if you have five or six image editing programs installed because they do not all run at the same time. But programs intended to protect the computer do run so, and you need to make sure that you have only one of each type or they will battle each other.

Grey Wolf can get into a list of your programs, turn off or remove those that do not need to be doing what they are doing, and make your computer run more efficiently.