Admin Services

Grey Wolf Admin Services & Print Design Services

Grey Wolf Admin Services has a proven track record in helping local businesses with their record keeping, invoicing, customer relations, advertising, client liaison and much more.

Whether it is for flyers, for letters, for advertising copy etc, Grey Wolf Admin Services has used all modern document creation programs including MS Word, Open Office and Libre Office, as well as older ones such as MS Works and Publisher to create these.

Spreadsheets are often the key to clear and effective record keeping. At the simplest they provide a way to store data in a tabulated form, at the most complex they offer a range of formulae and mathematics that can be run to carry out calculations upon the data.

Grey Wolf Admin Services is experienced in the use of Microsoft Access and the use of multiple tables to store facets of data. Unlike spreadsheets, database tables can be compared and analysed, for example to see which customer is in more than one category, whether you have customers which cross certain defined criteria, and so on. There is also the Unmatch option which works in reverse.

Creating a digital presentation can be challenging, not just finding the right words, or getting the right balance of text and images, but how to arrange these in a program that allows you to show them later at a meeting or seminar.

Grey Wolf Admin Services has a proven track record in handling the advertising and promotion of clients, examining the market and competitors, positioning your brand just right and hitting enough third-party sites to get your message out there.

Customer Liaison
Grey Wolf can handle your email newsletter, offer, or update list. Your daily interactions over phone or email can be made more hassle free. Your own time can be freed up to develop new business while routine matters with existing customers is handled by us.

Grey Wolf Admin Services is experienced in handling customer and client invoicing, keeping records of payments and debt, and liaising with third parties who owe you money.

Often you need to know something, but the time it takes to discover it is a serious drain on your own personal time and resources. Which device is the best for what you plan? How do you get your information onto a compendium website? What is the best price for something you need? Where can something else be found? Your time is important, so paying Grey Wolf to do these tasks for you can save you time, and thus money.

Social Media
Grey Wolf can run your social media campaigns, on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, can maintain a constant update schedule and keep your profile visible to your followers. Frequent multi-media posts are needed to compete using the algorithms social media sites use to determine what content is seen by followers, and what is not.