Ebook Creation

Ebook Creation Services

The world of publishing has seen a digital revolution in the last few years and at the heart of this has been the evolution of the Ebook. Reading devices such as the Kindle, Kobo and Nook are now common, plus the ebook formats can be read on tablets, modern phones and on computers using a variety of apps and programs.

Creating an Ebook allows you to upload to the main sales platforms online, such as Kindle through Amazon, Barnes and Noble for Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple, and many others. Once you have uploaded, you can set your own price and you pay nothing directly, only a percentage of royalties to the platform.

Grey Wolf Web Design and Admin Services can turn your document, your manuscript, your collection of writings into an Ebook. There are four main stages that we will take care of for you:-

1) Ideally you will present a digitally typed-up manuscript, but Grey Wolf can type up short hand-written documents, such as a collection of poems or articles, or short stories. Such typing will be charged at a typical hourly rate. Any digital document format can be presented at this initial stage – Word, Open Office, MS Works, and so on.

2) Once the document has been typed up and checked, it will be formatted for an ebook. This includes the creation of a title page, copyright page, an about the author page and consistent chapterisation. Fonts and text size will need to be standardised to give a professional look to your ebook. Any images that need to be included will be added in a free-flow format, to prevent them ending up where they are not intended to.

3) A book cover needs to be created. The key to the cover is an image, the more striking and unique the better. A cover file can be created offline and uploaded to the ebook platform, or the cover creator program at the platform can be used to place the image, title, author name and blurb just as you want them. An author photo is also recommended – a local photographer can be recommended if you do not have anything suitable to present yourself to the world with.

4) There are several options for uploading your ebook, and these will be discussed with you. Grey Wolf will oversee the registration with the various platforms (such as Kindle for Amazon), the pricing and rights management, and categorisation of your ebook.


Apart from Grey Wolf’s Ebook Creation fee, which starts at a very reasonable £40, your only costs going forward will be the percentage the platforms take off you each time you make a sale. As every sale generates royalties equivalent to the remaining percentage, you will never make a loss on your ebook once it is uploaded and available for sale!