Grey Wolf Web Design & SEO Services

Web Design Services

Grey Wolf can provide bespoke web design solutions. Whether you need a detailed website to be your showpiece on the internet, or a cheaper portfolio website, Grey Wolf Web Design can assess your market and create what you need. Able to build online catalogues and online shops, and to set up quick payment solutions, Grey Wolf is experienced in getting you what you need, when you need it. If you already have a website, Grey Wolf Web Design can help it work better for you, or carry out regular updates to keep it relevant and fresh.

Admin Services

Grey Wolf can provide regular or ad hoc administrative services to your business. Experienced in advertising, record keeping, client liaison and invoice chasing, Grey Wolf Admin Services can help to take the load off your shoulders. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or their equivalents, are all within Grey Wolf’s skill set, whilst telephone and internet communication, drafting letters, and chasing leads is all part of Grey Wolf’s services.

Hard Drive Rescue and Recovery

Frequently when your hard drive dies, and needs reformatting, reinstalling etc your data remains safe and secure on that drive, but just not easily accessible. By treating your hard drive as an external drive linked to another machine, Grey Wolf offers much improved chances of rescuing your data and of writing it to a pen drive or a DVD for safe keeping. In addition, by viewing the drive from outside the operating system it can be formatted and cleaned ready for a successful reinstallation of your operating system.

PC Fix and Speed Up

Many computer problems to do with speed and performance originate from having too many programs running at start up, programs which conflict with each other, or malware which you have installed accidentally that takes over everyday functions and subverts them to its own purposes. None of these are the traditional viruses that you read about in the newspaper, and Grey Wolf can analyse your system to see if a quicker and comprehensive fix is available, or if indeed you need more expensive and extensive virus removal services.