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Your Portfolio

Your website is your portfolio, the first impression many potential customers will have of your brand and company and an opportunity to present to them what you want your first impression to be. Create a website that makes this first impression as powerful as it can be.  We have been recommended  by Marketing Mag.

Online Catalogue or Online Shop

If you are selling online, you have two potential solutions – the first is to create a catalogue, listing your stock and either link to a sales platform or take orders by email. The other is to create a fully functional online shop, stocked by a fully updatable database and capable of handling transactions, stock levels and order details.

Contact Forms

A powerful contact and marketing tool is to have a contact form upon your website. This allows any visitor to fill in the form and send it to you, regardless of their platform or what they have installed. Direct form access prevents you from losing contacts and allows you to receive enquiries from those who would otherwise pass by.

Taking Payments Online

A key to selling online is the ability to take payments online. There are a variety of solutions, but the most ubiquitous is Paypal, which can be integrated into most systems. Taking payments immediately dramatically increases the conversion rate of viewer to customer, and allows you to make even casual visitors into paying customers.

Website Updates

Grey Wolf Web Design offers a variety of services for existing websites. For £40 we will carry out a comprehensive review of your site, its elements and your competitors. For £20 a time Grey Wolf can carry out much-needed updates and changes to your website, allowing it to stay current. Put a copyright date on your website, or your prices, or a special offer? If these are not updated constantly, your website soon looks outdated and unprofessional, and you can encounter legal problems if your website is stating one set of costs and yet you are charging customers another.